Helping Those in Need


The Flying Heart Foundation,Inc is receiving donations from individuals, corporations, and private foundations to conduct activities to relieve spiritual, economic and physical hardships. Initially, they are giving financial assistance for medical assistance, housing assistance, and other forms of aid to individuals. This activity is a direct funding of programs by contributors.

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Donor Advised Fund

The Flying Heart Foundation,Inc is operating a "donor advised fund" for contributors to make donations for later disbursements for charitable purposes. The foundation accepts donations intended for section 501(c)(3) organizations. It invest these funds so they are available when the donor wants the charity to be funded. The officers are attempting to increase charitable giving particularly to programs that would relieve the spiritual, economic, and physical hardship of individuals.

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Contact Us

Contact us today, Wither you are an individual with hardships or you are a donor wanting to contribute to the a particular charitable organization. Remember we are a 501(c)(3) organization so your donation is 100% tax deductible. Donate today and give some one in need a helping hand up in life!

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Dreamcatcher Horse Project

Dreamcatcher Horse Rescue     There is a mammoth need for providing assistance for animals, especially given the current economic times where many have been abandoned. At this time, it is planned that the Foundation would provide assistance for rescuing horses and cats. The primary reason for selecting these two areas is the fact that we [...]

Reigning Grace Ranch

Reigning Grace Ranch serves all children between the ages of 6 and 18. Today’s world can be a challenging place for our youth to grow up. Social pressures, family issues, and personal struggles may attempt to weaken a child’s sense of identity and self worth. At Reigning Grace, we avoid labels such as “disadvantaged” or “at risk.” Though we d [...]

Dreamweaving Projects

teacher projecta
Dreamweaving Teacher Project & Dreamweaving School Project   These Dreamweaving Projects will likely the easier of the projects to administer. Once the system and processes are established, it’s merely a matter of finding and eventually whittling it down to the schools to work with.   It is important that we communicate wi [...]

Special Housing Project

Affordable Funding Housing Project & Special Funding Housing Project   The Special Housing Project ties in very closely with the above project. The difference here is helping an additional sector of our community – primarily police officers (and similar areas of service), members of the armed services and teachers.   The p [...]

Safe Haven Project

The Safe Haven Project will provide affordable housing for abused and challenged relationship issues involving women and children. The project would provide housing (apartments and individual homes) to be available for those candidates needing assistance either on a rent basis or purchase basis for the families. It is anticipated that conside [...]

Dreamcatcher Cat Rescue

cat rescue
Dreamcatcher Cat Rescue The Dreamcatcher Cat Project can be run on a smaller budget than the horse project. The Foundation also has two people identified for the cat rescue project. Both of these people have experience as well as relationships with veterinarians and various facilities at reduced costs. One part of the project would be to acc [...]